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8th-Sep-2010 08:01 am - Good news for the series
nonniemous: (Leverage)
TNT’s hit series Leverage wrapped up its summer season Sunday with more than 3.7 million viewers in Live + Same Day delivery, up a strong 11% when compared to the series’ 2009 summer finale.  The episode enjoyed solid growth among key adult demos, including an exceptional 36% boost from adults 18-34.  Leverage’s growing popularity among young adults is also evident in the series’ outstanding performance in time-shifted viewing, with Live + 7 deliveries (through Aug. 22) revealing significant growth over last summer among adults 18-34 and adults 18-49.

It's going to take a few seasons to get to that magic number of 100 for syndication, but news like this makes it all the more likely we'll get there--hopefully before we run out of John Rogers' magic number of episodes.  (Though I don't think he's ever said what, exactly, he thinks that magic number is.)

Now if we just didn't have to wait until December for those final three episodes!

Excerpted from this article on TV by the Numbers.

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