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3rd-Aug-2009 11:40 am - Nate/Sophie - Icons & Screencaps
papercoversrock: (Nate & Sophie - Sophie shirt)
Total Icon Count: 26
Non-Spoilery Previews:


2x03 The Order 23 Job, Nate and/or Sophie scenes only.
194 caps, 154MB, 1280x720px, .png format, .rar compressed.

All are here at [community profile] november_downtown.
27th-Jul-2009 11:26 am - 37 Nate and/or Sophie icons from Leverage 2x02
papercoversrock: (Leverage - Nate & Sophie - Hair)
37 icons of Nate and/or Sophie. One appearance by Hardison. =)


Here at [community profile] november_downtown.
20th-Jul-2009 09:47 am - 25 Nate icons from 2x01 The Beantown Bailout Job
papercoversrock: (Default)
25 Nate icons from 2x01 The Beantown Bailout Job. (Appearances by Sophie/Parker/Hardison).


ETA: Added a Nate/Sophie wallpaper to the post!

Here at [community profile] november_downtown.
20th-May-2009 01:34 pm - Leverage Icontest
morgentau: (Default)
Okay, so I wanted to give this a try and created [community profile] the_icon_job, a Leverage icontest.

If you're interested, join the community right away and spread the word among fellow Leverage lovers!

First challenge will be up next Monday (25th).
18th-May-2009 04:16 pm - Leverage Icontest?
morgentau: (Default)
Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone's interested in a Leverage Icontest here on DW. I know there's one on LJ but it seems to be dead.

How many would sign up if I created such a community?
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