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12th-Dec-2010 10:51 am - Podficlet: "The Pie Job" by thingswithwings
sophinisba: Gwen looking sexy from Merlin season 2 promo pics (sophie leverage by winterfish)
Title: The Pie Job
Author: [personal profile] thingswithwings
Reader: [personal profile] sophinisba
Ship: Alec/Parker/Eliot
Rating: G
Contains: No standard content notes apply.
Summary: Eliot is baking pies. Alec and Parker are hoping to eat pies.
File info: mp3, 3.3 MB, 7:10 minutes
Temporary link: Download from Sendspace!
Reader's notes: Part of a set of small fandom podfics made for Twings' b-day.
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