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21st-Jan-2013 07:44 pm - Leverage Big Bang
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Sign ups are now open for this year's first round of Leverage Big Bang at [community profile] thebigbangjob.

Do you think you could write 15,000 words in three months? Would you like to make some art for someone's story? Here's your chance.

This year's normal big bang is running from now until June, all of the stories will be posted in late May and early June. For more details, and clarification of the requirements for the challenge, the FAQ can be found here

Writer sign ups are here and are open until 26th January.

Artist sign ups are here, and are open until 20th April

The Big Bang is also running on livejournal.

Normal Big Bang Timeline:
Writer Sign Ups - 7th-26th January
Artists Sign Ups - 7th January-20th April
Writer Rough Draft Deadline: 15th April
Art Claims: 21st - 28th April
Final Draft Deadline: 19th May
Posting: 26th May - 16th June
The full 2013 Leverage Big Bang Schedule can be found here

20th-Apr-2012 07:30 am - Promotion: Female_fest is accepting prompt now!
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http://female-fest.dreamwidth.org/4395.html(Prompt post)

Description: A multifandom fic-fest celebrating the female-centric relationship in fandom

Sign-up date/deadline: Accepting prompts through midnight, Central US time, Mid June. Masterlist of prompts go up on the 25th of June to begin claiming.

Due date: No later than September 14

Posting date: 14 August- 14 September
25th-Apr-2011 05:21 pm - flashfic comm now open
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[community profile] leverage_flashfic is officially open! The first prompt was posted this morning.

I will be posting weekly prompts during Three Weeks for Dreamwidth, and biweekly prompts thereafter.
6th-Sep-2010 10:14 pm - NEW COMM!
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I hope this is okay, mods.

I've created a new alec_eliot comm here on DW. So PLEASE come join!

3rd-Sep-2010 10:57 am - Leverage Newbies Guide
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In the interests of spurring interest in Leverage fandom over here on DW (and in the hopes of snaring more LJ Refugees, given the recent idiocy of the LJ PTB), I've created [community profile] the_newbie_job , a "Newbie's Guide to Leverage" dreamwidth community.  Using the names of the characters and actors, I've listed what communities and groups I could find, and a few that were more generally focused but still relevant to Leverage.  Feel free to check it out and make suggestions, and if anyone is interested in helping maintain it, drop me a line.  I doubt there'll be a lot of work, but school starts up again in about three weeks, and I may be a bit pressed for time after that.

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