Payback... and if it goes right, a lot of money
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31st-Oct-2012 08:03 pm - Pimping for Aid
caitriona_3: (Eliot Spencer)

Make a bid, put up an offer, buy it now!

My offers:

Auction - HERE
Buy It Now - HERE

I can be a slow writer, but I WILL get it done! And it's all in a good cause!

There's also a section where you can put a custom request if you don't find something to buy/bid - HERE
24th-Feb-2012 07:12 pm - Bring your leverage threesomes/moresomes!
arobynsung: (leverage: ot3)

polyfandom at DW

[community profile] polyfandom is a multi-fandom community for all your dreamwidth polyshipping needs. As long as the main characters are in a polyamorous relationship. All types of fanworks are acceptable (fic, icons, fanart, fanvids, etc).

Feel free to post all your previous fanworks to begin with :)
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